Types of Narcotic Drugs

The term, "narcotics" is often used to refer to any illegal drug. That could include anything from prescription pills to cocaine. However, "narcotics" does actually refer to a specific type of drug as well. So, before we delve into this type of drugs' effects, let's first define it.

What Are Narcotics?

Though narcotics is a term thrown around referring drugs in general, it actually refers to drugs that are derived from opium which originates from the opium poppy plant, and is related to heroin, morphine, and other drugs common to opiate addiction. The confusion between the generic vs. specific terminology has gotten so bad, some experts have turned to calling narcotics "opioids" to help stifle the confusion.

Common types of narcotics include barbiturates, benzodiazepines, heroin, opium in the form of morphine and codeine, oxycodone and Vicodin.

How Do Narcotics Affect the Body?

Narcotic drugs can affect the body in various ways. There are of course legitimate uses for them, like treating pain, anxiety, aggression and even diarrhea. However, they are highly addictive and what starts out as a prescribed medication can often turn into an illegal situation of prescription pill abuse.

Other side effects include drowsiness, flushing, upset stomach, urinary retention and respiratory depression. It is very easy to become dependent on narcotics due to your body's building up of a tolerance to the drugs. This means you have to take more and more of it to feel the same way.

What Are the Dangers of Narcotics?

Even though recreational users of these drugs experience an overall sense of wellbeing while high, there are numerous dangers that go along with their ingestion. Toxicity can develop, which could cause you to lose motor coordination and slur your speech.

What's especially dangerous about narcotics like heroin is that they are taken into the body by means of a needle, which puts you at risk for developing skin infections, hepatitis and even HIV/AIDS. While the drug itself is dangerous, in this case, it is often the method by which it is put in the body that can cause the most harm.

Other problems include a likelihood of overdosing. Even though you build up a tolerance to the drug over time, you still require more and more to feel the same effects. At some point, you could experience respiratory depression and could even die.

What Steps Should Be Taken to Stop Narcotics Abuse?

Trying to quit using narcotics is not an easy process. No one ever said it was. However, you can do it with the proper sort of guidance and help; especially during the detoxification process which can be extremely unpleasant. That means enlisting the help of a top detox center, and enrolling in a drug treatment program that helps you go through the withdrawal process without feeling pain and then deal with the mental and emotional reasons you sought out narcotics use in the first place.

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Perhaps even more important than going to rehab, is the maintenance afterward. It can be difficult to try and reenter society after beating a drug addiction without a program to get you started. That's why it would be a good idea to stay in an ongoing treatment program that allows you to talk with people just like you and receive the support you need. Only then can you beat your addiction to narcotics for the long-term.

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