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Behavioral Addictions

Not all addictions involve ingesting a substance. In fact, behavioral health problems can cause as much if not more damage to the health, finance, and livelihoods of those affected. Behavioral addictions occur when someone participates in an activity to the point where it negatively affects their lives, and they are unable to stop doing so. The compulsion to do the activity gets in the way of the addict's ability to sleep, work, or have meaningful personal relationships.

Gambling Addiction

Many people enjoy trying their luck in a game of chance. There is a certain "rush" associated with the possibility of winning. When this behavior become compulsive and the gambler can't control whether they "want" to continue playing, they are dealing with a full-blown addiction. Learn more...

Have a question about addiction to gambling? Head to our gambling addiction forum to connect with members knowledgeable in this area.

Food Addiction

Do you eat to live or live to eat? Not only do we need nutrition to keep our bodies healthy and functioning properly, but eating is a very pleasurable experience. The sight, smell, and taste of food are all part of it. What and how much we choose to eat can affect the brain, and is part of the reason some people become addicted to it. Learn more...

Our food addiction discussion community is the place to learn from other's first hand experiences.

Sex Addiction

You may not have thought of it like this, but sex is a mind-altering experience. Being a sex addict isn't the same as having a high sex drive, although some addicts do act out regularly on their impulses. When you get caught up in sexual behaviors as a way to zone out or get a high rather than to intimately connect with your partner, you are a sex addict. Learn more...

Visit our forums to get answers about sexual addictions.

Love Addiction

Love addiction isn't about love at all. It has to do with the addict's need to either be in a relationship or to hang onto the person they have fixed on at all costs. As a result, they strive to become the person they think their partner wants, up to and including tolerating bad behavior and abuse. Other love addicts can't let go of the relationship, and become stalkers. Learn more...

More info about relationship dependency in our forum.

Porn Addiction

When a person's interest in looking at pornographic images goes from something that is a part of their life to the focus of a good portion of their time and energy, they are in the midst of a porn addiction. Some people spend hours or days at a time looking at or thinking about porn, which has an effect on their real-world relationships. Learn more...

Have questions about pornography addiction? Head to our forum to ask other members.

Work Addiction

From the time we are children, a lot of us are taught that working hard is something desirable. When we are looking for work, we want to impress the employer with the fact that we are responsible and will diligently perform our duties if hired. The slippery slope from wanting to do well on the job and work addiction starts when work becomes the focus on the person's life and the person's can't stop thinking or obsessing about work.

Think you may be addicted to working? Read others' experiences with workaholism.

Exercise Addiction

An exercise addiction is another example of someone participating in an activity that when done in moderation is considered a good thing. Over time, the person with this kind of addiction issue starts to behave compulsively around exercise. They work out longer, and more intensely, than is required to be fit or to train for a particular sport. Learn more...

Wondering if you've crossed the line from fitness-minded to fitness-obsessed? Head to our exercise addict forum.

Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction occurs when playing is no longer simply a pleasant way to spend one's time. When game use gets to the point where it becomes more important to the player than work or school and their personal relationships, it's one of the red flags that may indicate an addiction problem. Learn more...

If you're playing video games nonstop and want to talk to others who have been addicted to video games, visit our forum.

Shopping Addiction

We live in a consumer-driven society, and spending is something that drives the economy. For a person with a shopping addiction, the urge to spend is out of control. They use shopping as a way to cope with anxiety or stress, which can lead to some severe financial consequences if it isn't brought under control. Learn more...

If you think you're a spendaholic or someone you know is addicted to shopping, head to our forum to ask questions and read others' experiences.

Treatment for Behavioral Health Problems

Those suffering from the diseases covered above need to seek behavioral treatment which can come in various forms, namely behavioral psychology, behavioral therapy and addiction counseling for psychological addictions. Find a behavioral therapist for counseling near you. Or, start by using our directory of general health and assistance resources and mental health centers. You can also sign up for 12 Step Behavioral Disorder Treatment Programs, as well as Non 12-Step Behavior Disorder Programs to help with the recovery process.

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