Famous Ecstasy Users

Shaun Ryder

Band Name - Happy Mondays. Single - 'FreakyDancin'. Album - 'Pills, Thrills and Bellyache.' Tattoo - 'Ecstasy Shaun.' Results - conclusive. Legend has it that Shaun and percussionist Bez drove into town with one of the first big batches of Ecstasy filling their car trunk.

Alexander Shulgin

The research chemist who rediscovered MDMA in 1965. Expanded human scientific knowledge of psychco-actives and their use more than anyone else. Detailed his experiences in the book 'Phikal' (Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved)


Claims that sex and drugs get better after 40. A born-again guru, practicing extreme yoga, tantric sex and ecstasy.


The great white hope of hip hop. Changed the game from blunts, weed and cognac to ecstasy and acid. Takes half an E before every stage performance to "loosen up"

Fat Boy Slim

From ironic Housemartin to iconic DJ King of The World Fatboy Slim. One of the most influential men in music and popular culture, he is now believed to be staying away from drugs since his marriage to a well-known children's TV host.

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