Famous Ketamine Users

Fat Boy Slim (Norman Cook)

This chart topping artist has played around with Ketamine. His advice: "'Get the quantity right and it's incredible. Get it wrong and you feel like you're dying.'

John Lilley

The maverick US scientist injected hourly doses of the drug every day for three weeks. Floating in isolation tanks while on Ketamine, he claimed he could communicate with alien and godlike entities, inspiring the 1980 Ken Russell movie Altered States.

Timothy Leary

The 1960's US academic who coined the LSD phrase 'Turn on, tune in, drop out' also dabbled with Ketamine. He described his experiences as "experiments in involuntary death".

DM Turner

The psychotronic guru and author of 'The Essential Psychedelic Guide' drowned in his own bath after falling unconscious from taking too much Ketamine, which is, after all, an anesthetic.

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