Famous LSD Users

Jonathan Aitken

The disgraced former Conservative MP experienced "visions of hell. Continents dripping with blood. Black men fighting brown men, fighting yellow men."

Dr Kary Mullis

Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry in 1993 and inventor of PCR, a method for detecting even the smallest amount of DNA in ancient materials. "Would I have invented PCR if I hadn't taken LSD? I seriously doubt it," he says. "I could sit on a DNA molecule and watch the polymers go by. I learnt that partly on psychedelic drugs."

Anais Nin

The famous French writer says of her LSD experience: "The music vibrated through my body as if I were one of the instruments and I felt myself becoming a full percussion orchestra, becoming green, blue, orange. The waves of the sounds ran through my hair like a caress."

Ken Kesey

Author of 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' (written on mescaline when he worked as a night shift hospital porter). Formed The Pranksters, a chaotic bunch of drop-outs who toured America in a bright green bus, taking acid and holding huge festival-like 'Acid Tests' with music and lights.

Timothy Leary

The former Harvard psychologist near single-handedly evangelized the use of LSD in the 60s to "turn on, tune in, and drop out".

Aldous Huxley

The author of Brave New World experimented with LSD and other psychedelic substances (his essay The Doors Of Perception details a mescaline experience). Was injected with LSD as he died.

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