Famous Mushroom Users

R Gordon Wasson

Mycophile and vice-president of international bank JP Morgan journeyed all around Mexico and South America in a quest for magic mushrooms and spent a "wondrous" evening grinning ear to ear, pupils like plates, after ingesting them in an ancient shamanic ritual. He was later disgusted by the mushrooming of his discovery into a full-on 60's summer of love.

Professor Albert Hoffman

First Hoffman synthesized LSD-25. Then he extracted psilocybin from Mexican mushrooms. He still remained in awe of the fungi's power. "Essentially, when all is said and done, we can only say that the mystery of the wondrous effects of teonanactl was reduced to the mystery of the effects of two crystalline substances."

Timothy Leary

Before he discovered LSD, Harvard psychology professor Leary was captivated by psilocybin. He came back from his first trip saying: "Listen! Wake up! You are God! You have the divine plan engraved in cellular script within you. Listen! Take this sacrament! You'll see!"

Terrence McKenna

Spent his life working and living with shamans all over the world. Advocated the somewhat controversial theory that psilocybin was the missing link that had accelerated human evolution in the last 300,000 years. Died recently of a brain tumor.

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