Bad Trip on Shrooms

"Tripping" is a term used when having psychedelic experiences, primarily induced by psychotropic drugs. Favored because they are natural and easily found and grown, mushrooms have been popular for thousands of years. Furthermore, religious ceremonies and rites are often accompanied by use of “magic mushrooms.”

What Causes a Bad Shroom Trip?

There are a few reasons why people may have a bad trip on mushrooms. Most often, they start out in a depressed state or negative frame of mind and this becomes exacerbated by psilocybin, the active ingredient in shrooms. Furthermore, a bad trip may be caused by taking too much or the wrong type of mushrooms. Different psilocybin mushrooms have varying strengths. Depending on the exact type of psilocybin mushroom, its potency can be affected by climate, growing range, weather and specific genus. The most critical factor is to be sure of the mushroom supply. It is not a good idea to pick them yourself unless you are educated about the type and identity of the mushrooms. Many are poisonous and can kill the uninformed user. Shroom effects are usually felt within a 30- to 60-minute time frame after their ingestion. A bad trip might include frightening hallucinations, which can be especially terrifying when the user is experiencing anxiety and/or depression to begin with, causing the user to have thoughts of dying or wanting to hurt themselves. Because a hallucinogen state may assist them in believing they can do things that are superhuman, there have been reports of people who have tried to fly or other such outrageous feats that have harmed them. If you encounter a situation where a user is experiencing a bad mushroom trip, calming them with soothing words is one way to help them come down. Help them practice deep breathing methods for control of heart rate.Tools used in calming stressful or anxiety prone persons work best. Remain quiet and calm, as they will respond more to your voice and presence than to the actual words being used. If unsure or the bad shroom trip persists, seek medical attention immediately.