How to Detect If You or Your Loved One is Addicted to Prescription Medication

Ask these 4 key questions to unveil whether or not someone's prescription medication use has developed into addiction.

Many Prescription Drug Users Not Aware of Driving-Related Risks

Doctors and law enforcement need to do a better job at notifying patients of the dangers of driving while on medication.

STUDY: The 'Love Drug' Oxytocin May Keep You Sober

One study reveals that the "feel-good" chemical oxytocin reduced issues related to alcohol intoxication.

4 Legal Suggestions to Prevent Marijuana Use Among Minors

Prominent researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggest four strategies to prevent marijuana use among minors.

The Dangers of Binge Culture

The western cultural norm of encouraging adults to go all out after a period of abstinence is the biggest threat to those trying to recover from addiction.

Exercise Can Lower Lower Alcoholism Risk

Although alcoholism is likely to be a genetic disorder, scientists across the globe have always been laced with a curiosity to explore other environmental factors that could possibly play a pivotal role. A recent 20-year study conducted in Denmark by Dr. Ulrik Becker of the National Institute of Public

The Relationship Between Stress & Addiction

Stress and addiction. It should come as no surprise that these two are closely related. When we feel stress, we seek out a method to deal with, and avoid the uncomfortable feelings. Our mind and our bodies search for the easiest ways to reduce the stress. While we all feel the strain of stress, we react

The Relationship Between Stress and Addiction

Stressful life events and ineffective coping strategies in addicts play a major role in the development of drug abuse and relapse.

The Connection Between Welfare and Substance Abuse

Do drug and alcohol abusers make up the most poverty-stricken demographics of the American population? One writer shares her thoughts.

What Recovering Alcoholics Need to Know About Kombucha

If you're a recovering alcoholic, there's a reason for you to skip on the kombucha health food craze.