5 of the World's Most Expensive Drug Rehabs

Undergoing drug or alcohol rehabilitation in a private rehabilitation facility isn't a cheap proposition. But the amounts the rehab centers listed below charge their clientele are just plain stratospheric.

In a way, however, the sky-high price tags for enrollment in their programs can be justified; and for those with the financial means, why not get the best money can buy? These rehabs, after all, are a far cry from the minimalist, hospital-like blandness of previous generations of rehab facilities, where patients trying to recover from their addiction to cocaine, heroin, marijuana or other drugs are even made to do chores as part of the rehabilitation process. Now, they throw in gourmet chefs, luxurious quarters, spas, gorgeous views, yoga and Pilates sessions on top of an extensive and well-paid medical staff, as part of a therapeutic approach that totally spoils the soul, mind and body of a recovering addict and/or alcoholic. Here are five of the most expensive drug rehabs in the world.

1. Promises


Promises is a rehab facility located in an estate in Malibu, California that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. The quintessential California rehab center, it is a favorite destination among celebrities who want to clean up. Established in 1997, Promises promises a private haven for its clients, as only 24 patients are accommodated at any one time. Clients are made to stay in one of three luxurious houses, treated to gourmet meals, given ample gym time, as well as a chance to engage in various activities such as rock climbing and hiking. A month-long stay here costs $33,000, but could go up to $49,000 depending on the services required. Tara Reid, Diana Ross, Ben Affleck, and Robert Downey Jr. are just some of the many celebs who have had stints here.

2. Harmony Place


Located above the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California, Harmony Place is a rehab facility that charges its clients $40,000 per month for a program that involves living in a campus that looks like an elegant ranch, "Equine Assisted Psychotherapy" sessions, sleeping in bedrooms with fluffy white duvets, hardwood floors and fireplaces, and lots of time in the gym.

3. Passages


Founded in 2001, the Passages rehabilitation center is yet another upscale rehabilitation center located in Malibu. Catering only to a wealthy clientele, Passages only accommodates 12 patients at a time. But for $40,000 to $50,000 a month, guests have their own private chef, use of a juice bar, library and media room with flat screen TVs, as well as one-on-one, non-12-step AA type recovery program therapy sessions, and a team of medical doctors, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists, masseuses, and spiritual counselors at their disposal.

4. The Sanctuary


Nestled on the most easterly end of Australia is The Sanctuary, a luxurious rehab facility which specializes in the treatment of substance abuse and psychological disorders such as depression, stress, and trauma. At $18,500 a week, clients get to stay in beachfront bungalows, treated to a private chauffeured limousine, and are assigned their own private chef, acupuncturist, personal fitness instructor, a yoga and meditation teacher, as well as gain access to a round-the-clock medical staff. It is also known for its unique alcoholism treatment program, which is a mix of yoga, meditation, shiatsu and Western therapy methods.

5. Beau Monde


Beau Monde is a chain of ultra-posh rehab facilities with locations in Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and the Hollywood Hills. It offers a very private setting for wealthy recovering addicts or alcoholics to clean themselves up, as Beau Monde entertains no more than five people at a time. Guests are housed in luxurious private houses, and are treated to gourmet meals, twice-weekly massages, a gourmet cook and whale watching and shopping opportunities. Signing up for a program here is more like checking into a luxury hotel. And the price tag isn't that far off, a month-long stay here could cost $96,000 or more.

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