Why You Should Get Physical in Recovery

To achieve physical recovery, the responsibility lies directly on the recovering addict or recovering alcoholic.

Adolescents and Teenagers: Pot Use and the Developing Brain

There is great debate among health professionals about the negative effects of marijuana use among youth, including whether or not those effects are permanent.

Addiction and Teen Celebrities

It may be our first instinct to sneer in disgust at young celebrities' antics or ridiculous behavior, but we should remember that they're not matured adults.

What Alcohol Really Does to Your Body

Absorption of alcohol into the body begins in the stomach lining, where it is assimilated into the body of the drinker.

How Yoga Can Enhance and Strengthen the Recovery Process

Yoga will shine a light on that attitude and force you to push yourself beyond your own boundaries and strengthen your willpower.

Animal Assisted Therapy and Recovery

The act of taking care of an animal turns an addict into someone who cares for another living creature.

How Do People Get Hooked on Hydrocodone?

Once prescription painkiller addiction has set in, which may happen after only a few days, the user will experience flu-like symptoms if they attempt to stop taking the medication. As the addiction progresses, the drug becomes more necessary to the individual.

How Music Inspires Us during Addiction Recovery

The fact that music affects multiple parts of the brain and the body explains why certain music evokes emotional response.

Designer Drugs: What Are They?

These drugs are created by synthesizing one or more active agents in the original drug, and their production is often unregulated.

Drugs and Eating Disorders: What's the Connection?

Eating disorders are psychological conditions where the person develops an unhealthy relationship to food. Sometimes, an eating disorder is linked to drug use.