Regulating DXM (Dextromethorphan): The Teen Cough Syrup Drug

A bill introduced in July 2012, for restricting the sale of dextromethorphan (DXM), without FDA registration, will help reduce the use by teens of this drug.

Cory Monteith's Cause of Death Confirmed: Alcohol and Heroin Toxicity

Cory Monteith from the TV show "Glee" died from mixing heroin and alcohol, a toxic mixture, according to the British Columbia Coroners Service.

Change Your Brain or Choose Your Addiction: Preventing Relapse

Just a slight imbalance in that beautiful brain of yours can cause your everyday world to be quite a struggle.

Drugs and Hip Hop: Who's Singing Their Praises?

In hip-hop and rap, nothing is off limits. Here is a look some of the most talked about drugs in music.

Co-occuring Disorders and Substance Abuse Across the U.S.

We need to train and educate those who would help addicts in order to save all the millions of dollars spent on prisons in this country.

Celebrity Rehab Centers: Where Stars Go for Help

Here are just five luxurious treatment facilities that are catering to the stars, while also giving them the tools they require to live an addiction-free life.

What Is "Under the Influence" of Drugs?

Across the country, there are statistics available for driving while drugged revealing an increasing problem.

Celebrity Addiction Milestones: Stars Staying Sober

Celebrities often relapse because substances serve as a crutch to get through loneliness and depression resulting from the rise and fall of fame and fortune.

Drug Tourism: Will Travel for Drugs

The most frequently sought destination for drug tourism is the Netherlands.

Young Hollywood's Struggle with Drugs and Mental Disorders

If they didn't have mental or emotional issues before they got famous, it's easy to see how many are prone to develop such tendencies.