New California Law for Overdose Victims

In the fight to save lives lost to drug overdoses, California has passed a law designed to lessen the impact of reporting an overdose by an individual.

How Well Do You Know Molly?

Molly users have no way of knowing if the substance they are using is pure, how the drug was produced or under what kinds of conditions it was produced.

Dealing with Stress

Dealing with stress is common, but it's important to view life through a more realistic lens to reduce the amount of stress that we perceive is in our lives.

New Trends in Painkiller Abuse

For those addicted to painkillers, new trends point to a dangerous cycle of switching between drugs to try to obtain the ones that are the easiest to abuse.

Alternative Treatment Options for Addiction Recovery

Learning more about alternative treatment therapies for addiction may help you make an educated choice about what is best for your personal recovery.

Stages of Change in Recovery

There are 5 stages people go through in order to abstain from using drugs and alcohol. Making these changes stick presents its own unique challenges.

Early Signs of Addiction by Morningside Recovery

While early stages of addiction can be hard to recognize, there are a few telltale signs that can help you identify potential substance abuse.

The Development of New Drug Policies Worldwide

The policies pertaining to illicit drugs are ever changing, for a number of different reasons.

Illicit Substances Used by Athletes to Enhance Performance

Here are some of the most commonly used performance enhancing drugs, and the risks associated with their use.

Roles Within the Addicted Family

Addiction affects everyone in the family. Therefore, it is equally important for family members to get help so the family may recover as a whole.