The Connection Between Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse

Understanding how both disorders can help sufferers address the issues simultaneously and finally receive the kind of help needed for a full recovery.

Are You Abusing Your Prescription Medication?

If you think that someone you know might actually be abusing their prescription medication, here are some things to think about.

The Long-Term Effects of Anti-Depressants on Addicts

For anyone facing the question of whether or not use of antidepressants is their best bet, there are several pieces of information to consider.

Treating Addiction as a Chronic Disease

Research has shown that drugs and alcohol can negatively affect the brain, often making it impossible to quit without professional and/or medical intervention.

Government-Backed Messages to Kids Regarding Drinking

Do government and state sponsored advertisements and messages designed to curb alcohol, tobacco, and drug use in young people actually work?

Teenage Drug and Alcohol Abuse on the Downswing

Alcohol is now being used at its lowest frequency in teens according to study conducted by the University of Michigan.

The Dangers of Bath Salts

Bath salts and other "legal highs" are always one of the most dangerous to abuse because they're usually not intended for human consumption.

What is Sugar Alcohol?

Recovering alcoholics going sugar-free may bring more harm than expected.

All About Mate

Yerba mate is full of health benefits, but some research suggest that people who consume it excessively might have an increased risk for specific issues.

Uncovering the Secrets Behind Palcohol

Palcohol is a powdered alcohol that will make it very convenient for drinkers to have alcohol handy no matter where they are.