My Thoughts on Celebrity Addiction

One writer shares what she really think of our celebrity-obsessed culture and how we as a society can benefit from shifting focus on our own lives.

Finding the Hidden Alcohol in Medicine

While alcohol is a flagrant violator or abstinence, some other violators are not as easy to identify--especially when they're hidden in our flu prescription.

Staying Away from Alcohol During Holiday Celebrations

It is difficult to navigate the office parties, family gatherings, and other community celebrations without a feeling pressured to drink.

How to Cope with Holiday Temptations

Making your celebrations personally fulfilling to you is the key to enjoying the season of holidays.

Focus on Recovery: Axis Residential Treatment Centers

They provide addiction rehab and continuous alumni activities weekly for those who stay or reside in the immediate area of Los Angeles

Marijuana for Recreational Use: What Are the Legalities?

Given the chasm between marijuana's legality in certain states, its medicinal use and decriminalization can certainly be confusing.

Substance Abuse and the Connection to Trauma

According to research, 92 percent of people that meet the criteria for opiate dependence have experienced at least one traumatic event during their lifetimes.

Drug Manufacturers Will Target Health Issues of Sexual Abuse Survivors

Childhood sexual abuse is a growing concern for everyone, from government to the families of the victims.

Opana Abuse and Risks

Another high risk drug of abuse is not what the makers of new painkiller Opana hoped to create.

Bullying and Substance Abuse

If recognized in time, perhaps the young person can be turned around before they get involved in more criminal and injurious behaviors.