How to Talk to a Loved One about Addiction

The thing to remember is that approaching a loved one about drug use and abuse is an ongoing thing.

Heroin Use Still on the Rise

The recent death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman due to an apparent heroin overdose, brings this serious and deadly drug addiction freshly into the public eye.

Should You Date a Recovering Addict?

Dating outside the recovery world is difficult to navigate as this brings alcohol and drug use, even casual and normal use, into the picture.

Seniors: A New Population Addicted to Prescription Meds

While addictive use of opioids is on the rise throughout the world, the US is experiencing an increase of addiction for a new population.

Why Having a Habit Is Healthy

All of the time that you once devoted to maintaining your addiction (or hanging out with people who supported it) is now available for other things.

Nonviolent Drug Offenders and Prison

The U.S. federal prison population has increased 800 percent over the last three decades leading the facilities to be about 40 percent above capacity.

Celebrity Potheads

Celebrity Potheads

How to Avoid Relapsing During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. And while it seems like most of the world is joyous and celebratory, for others, this time of year can be stressful, lonely and depressing. Furthermore, holiday temptations abound—from free flowing alcohol at parties to getting together with old friends and family who might

Best Addiction Recovery Playlist

A positive message is sometimes all that is needed to help them overcome their burdens and give them inspiration for one day more.

Why Exercise Is Good for Your Brain

Incorporating exercise into your treatment plan, medications that can replace some of the lost brain chemicals.