Celebrity Addiction Milestones: Stars Staying Sober

Celebrities often relapse because substances serve as a crutch to get through loneliness and depression resulting from the rise and fall of fame and fortune.

Drug Tourism: Will Travel for Drugs

The most frequently sought destination for drug tourism is the Netherlands.

Young Hollywood's Struggle with Drugs and Mental Disorders

If they didn't have mental or emotional issues before they got famous, it's easy to see how many are prone to develop such tendencies.

New Limits for Blood Alcohol Content?

he National Transportation Safety Board is suggesting a lowered limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) to determine impairment to operate a motor vehicle.

Why Do Celebrities Overdose?

Drug statistics show that the majority of addicts were first introduced to substances by a friend or family. In Hollywood, it's all too easy to score.

Book Highlight: A New Pair of Glasses

A New Pair of Glasses is a popular book in 12-step communities written from a transcribed series of talks by a much respected member of AA.

Addictive Properties of Drugs, Part 2

We look at the online book called "Drug War Facts," which indicate a different type of rating system for several drugs of common use or abuse.

Addictive Properties of Drugs

If you're wanting to understand the dangers of dependence with specific drugs, the following chart can be highly informative.

Mary Jane Today

While THC levels in typical marijuana have gone from 4% in the mid-70s to over 9% today, there was already a supply of high potency marijuana in the 70s.

Homelessness and Drug Addiction

Some instances of homelessness are eased by substance abuse, not caused. Thus, citing homelessness as a product of drug addiction is too simple an explanation.