Struggling with Crystal Meth

The spotlight on crystal meth continues to shine, as the volatile substance continues to negatively effect the lives of many, including celebrities.

12-Step Sponsorship and Treatment Options

Sponsorship in a 12-step program will certainly increase the likelihood that those who are newly recovering will continue to develop a support group.

Binge Drinking, Part 2

Negative health affects resulting from binge drinking include diminished brain function and links to obesity, stroke, coronary artery disease and diabetes.

Binge Drinking, Part 1

Binge drinking often has negative results, including violent behavior, increased medical expenses, and poor decision-making like driving while intoxicated.

Steroids in Sports

Scandals surrounding the use of performance-enhancing drugs in pro sports has made steroids synonymous with professional athletes.

Prescription Addiction on the Rise

Despite increased news coverage on the growing drug epidemic, prescription drug addiction continues to spread and the death toll continues to rise.

Marijuana Initiatives in California

Initiatives in California have proposed legal changes to the state's marijuana laws. These changes aim to regulate marijuana laws and reduce penalties.

Update on Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs are currently making headlines, as its popularity in America has increased and widespread use has intensified, resulting in a drug epidemic.

Underage Drinking Sales Increasing

Recent trends show an increase in sales and use of alcohol by underage youth. As such, programs across the country have been created to address alcohol abuse.

Trends in Treatment: Looking Forward

Innovative methods in addiction treatment, including holistic treatment, offer a lifeline to recovering addicts while making sobriety more attainable.