Why Cigarettes Seem More or Less Harmful in Various Countries

The tobacco industry is notoriously manipulative and reckless with their marketing, advertising, and, apparently, their legal actions.

Medical Marijuana for Developmental Disorders in Children

As the use of marijuana as a medical treatment becomes more popular, there has also been a growing interest in using marijuana to treat disorders in children.

Marijuana Contact Buzz: Myth or Not?

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Alcohol Consumption as Early as 3 Weeks into Pregnancy May Affect Child

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Using the Placebo Effect as Addiction Treatment

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STUDY: Kids Who Sip Alcohol at Young Age More Likely to Have Substance Abuse Issues

Research finds that children who were allowed to sip alcohol had a significantly greater chance of reporting any type of substance abuse by the 9th grade.

Treating Mental Health Disorders and Addiction: Our Flawed Approach

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6 Craziest Crimes Done While Under the Influence

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Prescription Drug Overdose on the Rise

A recent federal study finds that prescription painkiller-related deaths climbed as the drugs grew more popular and powerful.