Eight Drug Smugglers Killed By Firing Squad in Indonesia

The April 29 execution of two Bali heroin smugglers who were arrested in 2005 has led an Australian foreign diplomat in protest of the executions.

New Technology Tests Breath for Illegal Drugs

Analyzing the breath of the person being tested happens with a process called liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.

The Current State of Marijuana: Signs of New Chemical Make-Up, Legislation

With the increase in THC in marijuana now being tested, researchers have also found a decrease in the Cannabidiol (CBD) content.

New Alcohol Detection Technology Paves Way to Safer Roads

Within the following decade, proposed devices are expected to roll out a more advanced device that would either be pre-installed in new cars.

Sentencing of Silk Road Website Creator

A regular marketplace for drug sellers and buyers, this website was made popular in June 2011 when an article was published about it in a trade magazine.

The Rising Epidemic of Heroin Addiction

Heroin in today's market is less expensive than ever before and more abundant in availability, which has contributed to its increased usage.

Vicodin Changes from Schedule 3 to Schedule 2: What This Means

Prescriptions could previously be issued for up to 180 days of medication under the Schedule III rating. Now they are limited to 30 days.

Why a DUI Was the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me

One writer shares her experience with DUI and how it opened the door to a brighter life in recovery.

What Austin's Doing to Fight Drunk Driving and What Other Cities Can Learn

The SXSW drunk driver tragedy was a wake up call about the alcoholism issue in the city of Austin, especially to those in the music community.

How Mexican Drug Cartels Impact Our War on Drugs

With the expansion of the Mexican drug cartels into legitimate and semi-legitimate business activities, they become much more difficult to root out.