Breathalyzer Test for Marijuana Soon Available

The marijuana breathalyzer will follow the same concept as the traditional alcohol breathalyzer test by detecting the substance in exhaled breath at the scene.

How the Legalization of Marijuana Affects Colorado Locals

Making pot legal has a number of ramifications for Colorado residents, particularly in the population's perception of recreational drug use.

Attorney General: Heroin Is an Urgent Public Health Crisis

Yesterday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder addressed the rise in heroin-related deaths and opiate prescription addiction.

Changing Laws, Views on Marijuana

Passage of legalization statutes in Washington and Colorado give new strength to the battle for pot legalization.

Drugged Driving Is Causing Deaths

A study on Highway Traffic and Safety reports that 16 percent of those driving on weekends and at night tested positive for drugs prescribed and illicit.

Prescription Painkiller Labels Are Changing

These new label regulations serve to remind physicians of the dangers prescribing these medications to patients who suffer from various types of pain.

7 Countries You Don't Want to Get Caught With Drugs In

Drug laws vary from country to country, but these 7 countries are notorious for implementing harsh penalties on drug offenders, including death.