I Need a Drink, My Child Needs a Mother

One writer shares the story of her once broken family and how she's beginning to put the pieces back together.

Signs You May Need Rehab

Rehab makes sense for most people, because an addict has created a structure in their life that supports their use and abuse of substances.

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Mayor Rob Ford Is Seeking Treatment

Ford will no doubt also be guided through learning how to better manage his anger and general reactions to life stresses, especially being in the public's eye.

"Lindsay" Episode 2: The Perils of Imperfection, Impatience and Immaturity

In this episode, Lindsay faces the cameras and says, "It really is one step, one day at a time. It sounds so cliche but [it's true]."

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies of Drug Overdose

Oscar-award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Manhattan apartment yesterday due to an apparent heroin overdose

Glee Tribute for Cory Monteith Was Spot On

Glee Tribute for Cory Monteith Was Spot On

To Stop Using Is a Choice

The choice is yours alone. How do you choose to live your life today for a better tomorrow?

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One writer reviews Girl Bomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir, a harrowing tale of a 15-year old's struggles with an abusive home life, homelessness and addiction.