Treating Serious Mental Illness in Prison

About 20 percent of those incarcerated in jails and 15 percent of those in state prisons have what is described as a serious mental illness (SMI).

Increase in Opioid Misuse: The Painful Truth

An estimated 20 to 30 percent of opioid drugs legally prescribed by medical professionals are misused, according to a 2015 study.

The Toll of Drug Use on 200 Million People Worldwide

Widespread complications in the population include heart disease, lung and breathing problems, kidney and liver disorders and mental illness.

Naloxone Can Treat Cocaine and Heroin Addiction

Researchers have discovered one drug, Naloxone, which has shown promise for heroin addicts.

Tide Detergents Stolen in Exchange for Drugs

Thieves reported that a single bottle could be exchanged for $5.00 in cash or $10.00 in weed or crack cocaine.

Krokodil Drug Use in US

The drug is made from codeine tablets with lighter fluid or paint thinner, and is a highly toxic substance.

Preventing Relapses by Embracing Prolapses

A prolapse occurs when one is able to identify the triggers contributing to the relapse, increase outside support and create a viable plan to move forward.

Why Relapse Happens and How to Avoid Them

Being aware of these 3 relapse signs can help you be mindful and avoid your own triggers before relapse happens

The Growing Cases of Real 'Nurse Jackies'

As portrayed on the TV show Nurse Jackie, the incidence of nurses who are addicted to alcohol or drugs is an increasing problem in the healthcare industry.

Are There Degrees of Alcoholism?

Some are able to manage their alcoholism and some are not. This is not a choice, it is the degree to which the alcoholic suffers from the disease of alcoholism.