Drunkenland: A View Into Alcoholism

I witnessed the evil for myself and the power of that evil with its shocking ability to destroy the lives of so many people. So it became my vision to bring the book Drunkenland to life. My name is Cheryl Shoquist and I am the author of Drunkenland. Drunkenland is a world of illusion depicting the horrors of alcoholism. This book is based on the lives of 8 different families and their journey of struggles and crippling dysfunction in the world of Drunkenland.

I know so many people who are alcoholics and no matter how many times; they got into trouble with the law, was a part of the criminal justice and prison system, or it played extreme financial or emotional havoc in their lives, or how many times alcohol destroyed the relationships that meant the most to them, they still could not get away from it. These people still allowed alcohol to have that power over their lives. It intrigued me into writing the book; a book where information and resources would become a life raft to those people reading it for themselves or someone that they love and wanting release from Drunkenland's grasp. It would also be a tool of recognition and understanding to those people who cannot comprehend the weaknesses and the inability to stand up and fight the destructive evils within the boundaries of Drunkenland.

Each story depicts dysfunction succumbing to the illusion that alcohol will be its healing waters of regeneration, relief and solace. Each story tells a different horror in the infinite catalog of problems caused by alcoholism. Still today in every community, this is an ever growing problem that is continuously out of control. This book puts a completely different air of reality and understanding into this disease. It is a book that should be read by everyone that knows or loves someone that is an alcoholic.

This book will provide that understanding and the life raft of help and hope.