Cocaine Mixing

Cocaine is a stimulant, an 'upper', and can mix strangely with 'downers'. Be careful.

Please note that there have been very few scientific studies into the effects of combining psychoactive drugs. The information presented here is anecdotal. It is based on the subjective reports of experienced users. Different people will respond differently to different drugs and drug combinations. Know your body.

alcohol the two combine to form cocaethylene in the body, a compound which increases the effect and puts more stress on the heart

amphetamines unlikely combination as the effects are so similar; increased strain on heart, increased toxicity

cannabis can take the edge off the buzz

ecstasy popular club combination, no obvious dangers other than increased physical strain

heroin known as a 'speedball', the two drugs amplify each other - cocaine acts as powerful stimulant, causing a rapid heartbeat, but wears off more quickly than heroin, which then slows the heart down. As a result, your heart can lose rhythm, entirely increasing the risk of heart failure. John Belushi and River Phoenix died taking speedballs.

ketamine a modern combination, known as CK1; clubbers like to mix coke with low doses of Ketamine; coke diminishes the psychedelic effects of K; don't
mix anything with high doses of Ketamine

LSD has its own speedy effect; not a good combination

mushrooms no dangers

tobacco smokers usually smoke more cigarettes

Now with all this information, you might say that, "So you say I shouldn't use, but you provide tips. Why?"

The simple reason is that drug users are not often persuaded from doing something by reading a web page. Our goal is to provide information about the effects and addiction risks of cocaine, and cocaine addiction treatment options that are useful to those in need, and our tips are merely here to help keep those set on using from succumbing to common pitfalls and dangers of usage.

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