Articles tagged with Addiction Recovery

All About Mate

Yerba mate is full of health benefits, but some research suggest that people who consume it excessively might have an increased risk for specific issues.

Animal Assisted Therapy and Recovery

The act of taking care of an animal turns an addict into someone who cares for another living creature.

Best Addiction Recovery Playlist

A positive message is sometimes all that is needed to help them overcome their burdens and give them inspiration for one day more.

Expressive Writing in Addiction Recovery

One writer shares how writing helped him express and process his emotions so he could find true healing in recovery.

Foods that Trigger Feel Good Emotions

The following nutrients are mood-lifting nutrients because they stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonin.

How Alcohol Use Affects Mental Health

Alcohol is one of the most commonly misused substances and high rates of people with alcohol use disorders occur in people with diagnosed mental illnesses.

How Yoga Can Enhance and Strengthen the Recovery Process

Yoga will shine a light on that attitude and force you to push yourself beyond your own boundaries and strengthen your willpower.

It's Going to Take Time: Rebuilding Trust

If we stay sober and work towards becoming the person we were meant to be, our actions will convince our loved ones more than our promises ever could.

The Perks of Being a Recovering Addict

One writer shares daily reminders of the wonders their new life in sobriety and recovery continues to give her.

The Power of Thought Stopping

Thought stopping can be an effective tool during particularly stressful periods of life, or when known addiction triggers present themselves.