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Inhalant Addiction

The instant effects of inhalant usage are powerful, but because they last such a short time, users will continue to “hit” on the baggie or the open container to get it back again, over and over. The high only lasts for about 10-20 minutes for most inhalants, but the first hit packs such a powerful punch that it leads the user down a garden path to active addiction. Who Uses Inhalants?

Inhalant Basics

Unlike other drugs of abuse, inhalants are more than one type, and many of them are common household products that are available in most anyone’s home, garage or in hardware stores. Mostly comprised of legal substances and readily purchased over the counter without any type of sanction, their popularity is based on the ease with which they can be obtained. Inhalants are most frequently used by a younger population, ages 12-17. Because they are too young to obtain alcohol legally, kids often begin their experimentation with substances by inhaling products that are around the home. The most common inhalants fall into four categories.