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6 Things You Didn't Know About Alcohol and Your Body

Let's take a look at 8 interesting facts about alcohol and your body.

A Day in Rehab at Axis: Graduation! Blog 7

One writer opens up about her recovery journey while under the care of Axis Residential's team of addiction rehabilitation specialists.

Alcohol Consumption as Early as 3 Weeks into Pregnancy May Affect Child

Researchers suggest that alcohol exposure very early in pregnancy could lead to lifelong changes to the gene regulation mechanism in embryonic stem cells.

Are There Degrees of Alcoholism?

Some are able to manage their alcoholism and some are not. This is not a choice, it is the degree to which the alcoholic suffers from the disease of alcoholism.

Drugged Driving Is Causing Deaths

A study on Highway Traffic and Safety reports that 16 percent of those driving on weekends and at night tested positive for drugs prescribed and illicit.

Drunk Driving Decreases as Drug Driving on the Rise

While substance abuse is directly detrimental to the user's health and overall well-being, the issue becomes a societal hazard when it involves driving.

How Alcohol May Be Disrupting Your Sleep

Many believe that alcohol has a calming effect on the central nervous system, but many scientific studies suggest it actually causes sleep disruptions.

New Alcohol Detection Technology Paves Way to Safer Roads

Within the following decade, proposed devices are expected to roll out a more advanced device that would either be pre-installed in new cars.

SAMHSA Releases New Guidelines for Treating Alcohol Use Disorder

Currently, there are four medications recognized to be the most appropriate treatment for alcohol dependence.

Staying Away from Alcohol During Holiday Celebrations

It is difficult to navigate the office parties, family gatherings, and other community celebrations without a feeling pressured to drink.