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7 Safe Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Vodka

If you can resist the temptation to take a sip, keep your vodka and check out these seven different ways of using it safely around your home.

Alcohol Basics

In our culture, alcohol is a commodity, one that is used freely in family gatherings, at meals and celebrations of all types. We see it in movies, on television and in the homes of nearly everyone we know. Yet, there are dangers and risks with alcohol that carry a heavy burden to our society. The overconsumption of alcohol has been a social nightmare since the beginning of its use. While many may partake with little or no ill effects, those who develop problems with alcohol abuse are many, the damage caused irreparable.

Alcohol Dangers

Everyone drinks, it seems. In social interactions from casual after-work drinks to bigger celebrations like weddings, alcohol usually plays an integral part. After all, it is legal to drink and a slight buzz can be fun. So what are the dangers of alcohol? First and foremost, the overconsumption of alcohol is very dangerous in more than one way. Driving after overindulging is dangerous. Deaths from driving under the influence (DUI) increase in number yearly. Alcohol Addiction is another danger of alcohol, but not everyone is or will become an alcoholic.

Alcohol Effects

The immediate effects of alcohol can be varied, depending on the drinker. Some people become vivacious, friendly and talkative. Others become quiet and philosophical. There is variance on how alcohol will affect the same person on two different drinking occasions. One person may seek companionship and social interaction for enjoyable drinking; another may seek solitude for consuming alcohol. Alcohol may increase aggressive behavior for some, melancholy for others.

How Much Will A DUI Cost You?

A DUI can cost you thousands of dollars, jail time and a whole lot more.

The Dangers of Binge Culture

The western cultural norm of encouraging adults to go all out after a period of abstinence is the biggest threat to those trying to recover from addiction.

Treating Addiction as a Chronic Disease

Research has shown that drugs and alcohol can negatively affect the brain, often making it impossible to quit without professional and/or medical intervention.

Weight Loss Surgery (Gastric Bypass) May Lead to Alcohol Abuse

Growing evidence claims that this popular weight loss surgery increases one's chances of alcohol abuse.

What is Sugar Alcohol?

Recovering alcoholics going sugar-free may bring more harm than expected.