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Absolutely Taboo Places to Serve Alcohol That Actually Do

These are just a few of the many laws surrounding the manufacture, sale, transport and consumption of alcohol throughout the world.

Drugged Driving Is Causing Deaths

A study on Highway Traffic and Safety reports that 16 percent of those driving on weekends and at night tested positive for drugs prescribed and illicit.


Alcohol is a commodity of trade since wine was made from the first crushed grapes. While there are different laws governing its sale, alcohol is basically legal in the United States and Britain. These laws are many and vary in how and when it is sold, and how it can be sold and consumed.

New Alcohol Detection Technology Paves Way to Safer Roads

Within the following decade, proposed devices are expected to roll out a more advanced device that would either be pre-installed in new cars.

New Limits for Blood Alcohol Content?

he National Transportation Safety Board is suggesting a lowered limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) to determine impairment to operate a motor vehicle.

What Austin's Doing to Fight Drunk Driving and What Other Cities Can Learn

The SXSW drunk driver tragedy was a wake up call about the alcoholism issue in the city of Austin, especially to those in the music community.