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Absolutely Taboo Places to Serve Alcohol That Actually Do

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Addiction and Teen Celebrities

It may be our first instinct to sneer in disgust at young celebrities' antics or ridiculous behavior, but we should remember that they're not matured adults.

Addictive Properties of Drugs

If you're wanting to understand the dangers of dependence with specific drugs, the following chart can be highly informative.

Alcohol Basics

In our culture, alcohol is a commodity, one that is used freely in family gatherings, at meals and celebrations of all types. We see it in movies, on television and in the homes of nearly everyone we know. Yet, there are dangers and risks with alcohol that carry a heavy burden to our society. The overconsumption of alcohol has been a social nightmare since the beginning of its use. While many may partake with little or no ill effects, those who develop problems with alcohol abuse are many, the damage caused irreparable.

Alcohol Consumption as Early as 3 Weeks into Pregnancy May Affect Child

Researchers suggest that alcohol exposure very early in pregnancy could lead to lifelong changes to the gene regulation mechanism in embryonic stem cells.

Alcohol Dangers

Everyone drinks, it seems. In social interactions from casual after-work drinks to bigger celebrations like weddings, alcohol usually plays an integral part. After all, it is legal to drink and a slight buzz can be fun. So what are the dangers of alcohol? First and foremost, the overconsumption of alcohol is very dangerous in more than one way. Driving after overindulging is dangerous. Deaths from driving under the influence (DUI) increase in number yearly. Alcohol Addiction is another danger of alcohol, but not everyone is or will become an alcoholic.