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Are There Degrees of Alcoholism?

Some are able to manage their alcoholism and some are not. This is not a choice, it is the degree to which the alcoholic suffers from the disease of alcoholism.

A Teenage Nosedive into Alcoholism

One writer shares how the life she led thrusted her into alcoholism and how she came to the realization of her problem.

Binge Drinking: Is Indulging Once Bad for Your Health?

Study discovers that blood alcohol levels reaching 0.08g/dl in one hour causes a bacteria leak from the gut, triggering dangerous immune responses.

Binge Drinking, Part 1

Binge drinking often has negative results, including violent behavior, increased medical expenses, and poor decision-making like driving while intoxicated.

Binge Drinking, Part 2

Negative health affects resulting from binge drinking include diminished brain function and links to obesity, stroke, coronary artery disease and diabetes.

Drunkenland: A View Into Alcoholism

One writer details the horrific experiences of 8 different families dealing with problems caused by alcoholism in the book, Drunkenland.

I Need a Drink, My Child Needs a Mother

One writer shares the story of her once broken family and how she's beginning to put the pieces back together.

Mothers Under the Influence: A Look at History

Check with your doctor or a mental health professional if these symptoms are occurring for you.

The Challenges of Being a Retiree and Functioning Alcoholic

According to one writer, retirement can be a stressful situation for everyone, and particularly so for the alcoholic in recovery.

What Alcohol Really Does to Your Body

Absorption of alcohol into the body begins in the stomach lining, where it is assimilated into the body of the drinker.