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A Look at the Cumulative Effects of Anti-Depressant and Anti-Anxiety Medications on People With Addiction

Research has indicated several side effects that need to be recognized before taking anti-depressant medication for the long-term.

Methamphetamine Mixing

Mixed with other drugs, the dangerous side effects of methamphetamine can become incrementally more dangerous, and sometimes lethal, without warning. It is very important that those who are using/abusing methamphetamine understand the sometimes synergistic effects of meth when introducing other medications and/or street drugs. Anti-psychotics – When combined with anti-psychotics, methamphetamine renders them ineffectual. They become substantially ineffective, to the point of seizure activity and return of psychosis.

Questions November 12th 2001

What are the effects of using cannabis and breastfeeding? How does this affect the child?

The Long-Term Effects of Anti-Depressants on Addicts

For anyone facing the question of whether or not use of antidepressants is their best bet, there are several pieces of information to consider.