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Cannabis Legality

Cannabis is illegal to possess and cultivate in most countries. However, recent research into its medical benefits of pot have revealed it is a relatively benign and mostly harmless substance. Many countries, including the UK, Portugal and Canada, are re-evaluating the plant's legal status.

How the Legalization of Marijuana Affects Colorado Locals

Making pot legal has a number of ramifications for Colorado residents, particularly in the population's perception of recreational drug use.

Marijuana for Recreational Use: What Are the Legalities?

Given the chasm between marijuana's legality in certain states, its medicinal use and decriminalization can certainly be confusing.

Op-Ed: Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

By making marijuana legal, and controlling it in a manner similar to how we control alcohol and cigarettes, we present a more consistent message to our youth.

The Current State of Marijuana: Signs of New Chemical Make-Up, Legislation

With the increase in THC in marijuana now being tested, researchers have also found a decrease in the Cannabidiol (CBD) content.