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Famous Amphetamine Users

Charlie Parker B-bombs (bronchitis inhalers) were the jazz maestro's introduction to drugs Adolf Hitler Couldn't function without daily methylamphetamine injections into his buttocks by his physician, Doctor Morell. Also took cocaine eyedrops. Anthony Eden MP British Prime Minister 'lived on Benzedrine' throughout the 1952 Suez Crisis. Judy Garland Hollywood's favorite drug starlet. Developed an amphetamine addiction after using it to keep her weight down. This soon led to a parallel addiction to barbiturates taken to make sleep possible.

Famous Cocaine Users

Stephen King From 1979-1987, the horror novelist was addicted to cocaine, describing it as his "on switch" and cannot remember a couple of books he wrote during this period. King claims it saved him from alcoholism and an early grave: "without coke I'd have gone on drinking until about the age of 55 and it would have been a couple of lines in the New York Times: 'Writer Stephen King dies of stroke.' Sigmund Freud Wrote effervescently of the "exhilaration and lasting euphoria" and its "stimulative effect on the genitalia". Even penned a (now hard-to-find) essay, 'UberCoca,' extolling its virtues. " Changed his mind about the substance when a patient friend of his died of an overdose.

Famous Ketamine Users

Fat Boy Slim (Norman Cook) This chart topping artist has played around with Ketamine. His advice: "'Get the quantity right and it's incredible. Get it wrong and you feel like you're dying.' John Lilley The maverick US scientist injected hourly doses of the drug every day for three weeks. Floating in isolation tanks while on Ketamine, he claimed he could communicate with alien and godlike entities, inspiring the 1980 Ken Russell movie Altered States. Timothy Leary The 1960's US academic who coined the LSD phrase 'Turn on, tune in, drop out' also dabbled with Ketamine. He described his experiences as "experiments in involuntary death".

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Glee Tribute for Cory Monteith Was Spot On

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Why Do Celebrities Overdose?

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