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2009 Celebrity Drug Related Deaths

So far, here are the celebrities whose deaths this year have something to do with drugs, both legal and illegal.

Addiction from the Outside Looking in

One writer expresses her thoughts and deep remorse for seeing recent addiction-related deaths among celebrity.

Famous Mushroom Users

R Gordon Wasson Mycophile and vice-president of international bank JP Morgan journeyed all around Mexico and South America in a quest for magic mushrooms and spent a "wondrous" evening grinning ear to ear, pupils like plates, after ingesting them in an ancient shamanic ritual. He was later disgusted by the mushrooming of his discovery into a full-on 60's summer of love. Professor Albert Hoffman First Hoffman synthesized LSD-25. Then he extracted psilocybin from Mexican mushrooms. He still remained in awe of the fungi's power. "Essentially, when all is said and done, we can only say that the mystery of the wondrous effects of teonanactl was reduced to the mystery of the effects of two crystalline substances."

How Recovery Has Helped Tim McGraw in His Music Career

Superstar Tim McGraw opens up to Men's Health magazine about his previous party days and his new view on life in sobriety.

"Lindsay": Through the Eyes of a Fellow Addict

Like millions of Americans, one writer watched the first episode of the new docuseries "Lindsay" and shares her thoughts.

Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercial Tells Us of Recovery

Actor Matthew McConaughey's inspiring and existential monologue in his new car commercial applies to life in recovery.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies of Drug Overdose

Oscar-award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Manhattan apartment yesterday due to an apparent heroin overdose

The 5 Biggest Sports Bankruptcy's Caused By Drug Abuse

These rich athletes who blew all their money on drugs and alcohol proves that addiction will drag you down regardless of your race, status, and money.

What We Can Learn About Shame and Alcoholism From Stephen Moyer

Actor Stephen Moyer from the TV show True Blood shares tips he's learned through his plight with shame and sobriety.