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2009 Celebrity Drug Related Deaths

So far, here are the celebrities whose deaths this year have something to do with drugs, both legal and illegal.

Addiction from the Outside Looking in

One writer expresses her thoughts and deep remorse for seeing recent addiction-related deaths among celebrity.

Celebrity Potheads

Celebrity Potheads

Celebrity Rehab Centers: Where Stars Go for Help

Here are just five luxurious treatment facilities that are catering to the stars, while also giving them the tools they require to live an addiction-free life.

"Lindsay" Episode 2: The Perils of Imperfection, Impatience and Immaturity

In this episode, Lindsay faces the cameras and says, "It really is one step, one day at a time. It sounds so cliche but [it's true]."

"Lindsay": Through the Eyes of a Fellow Addict

Like millions of Americans, one writer watched the first episode of the new docuseries "Lindsay" and shares her thoughts.

Lisa Robin Kelly Has Died: That ’70s Show Star Loses Battle with Addiction

According to her agent, Craig Wyckoff, she had voluntarily checked herself in and was hopeful for her future.

Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercial Tells Us of Recovery

Actor Matthew McConaughey's inspiring and existential monologue in his new car commercial applies to life in recovery.

My Thoughts on Celebrity Addiction

One writer shares what she really think of our celebrity-obsessed culture and how we as a society can benefit from shifting focus on our own lives.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dies of Drug Overdose

Oscar-award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Manhattan apartment yesterday due to an apparent heroin overdose