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2008 Celebrity Drug Related Deaths

For the past few decades, we've heard of actors, singers, musicians, athletes and other celebrities dying of a drug overdose--the year 2008 was no exception.

6 Celebrities That Beat Drug and Alcohol Addiction

These celebrities went on to achieve highs in their careers that could never match any of the highs their former drugs of choice had given them.

6 Craziest Crimes Done While Under the Influence

We list a variety of humorous as well as chilling stories about criminal actions that have taken place while under the influence of drugs.

A Day in Rehab at Axis: Graduation! Blog 7

One writer opens up about her recovery journey while under the care of Axis Residential's team of addiction rehabilitation specialists.

Addictive Properties of Drugs

If you're wanting to understand the dangers of dependence with specific drugs, the following chart can be highly informative.

Book Review: Girl Bomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir

One writer reviews Girl Bomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir, a harrowing tale of a 15-year old's struggles with an abusive home life, homelessness and addiction.

Bullying and Substance Abuse

If recognized in time, perhaps the young person can be turned around before they get involved in more criminal and injurious behaviors.

Devil's Breath: What Is It and Should We Be Afraid?

Devil's Breath may be a new topic of discussion in the media, but the drug has been around for years.

Drug Penalties

where you stand - officially and unofficially by Paul Almond

Drugs and Hip Hop: Who's Singing Their Praises?

In hip-hop and rap, nothing is off limits. Here is a look some of the most talked about drugs in music.