Articles tagged with Drug Addiction

Change Your Brain or Choose Your Addiction: Preventing Relapse

Just a slight imbalance in that beautiful brain of yours can cause your everyday world to be quite a struggle.

Drug Tourism Destinations to Avoid If You're Clean and Sober

You can avoid some of the biggest current drug tourism destinations by familiarizing yourself with the tips on this list.

Homelessness and Drug Addiction

Some instances of homelessness are eased by substance abuse, not caused. Thus, citing homelessness as a product of drug addiction is too simple an explanation.

Increase in Opioid Misuse: The Painful Truth

An estimated 20 to 30 percent of opioid drugs legally prescribed by medical professionals are misused, according to a 2015 study.

The Promising Work of Recovery Communities

These high-success recovery programs may be able to clue us all in on what makes an effective addiction rehabilitation.

Treating Addiction as a Chronic Disease

Research has shown that drugs and alcohol can negatively affect the brain, often making it impossible to quit without professional and/or medical intervention.

What is Mojo? The Growing Popularity Behind This Synthetic Drug

The scariest part of the epidemic however, is the blind eye adolescents seem to be turning to the reality of its danger.

Your Rights in Clubs

Clubs have the right to search anyone entering their premises, and must provide searchers of both sexes. They can refuse entry to anyone who refuses a search and can only insist on searching outside clothes, pockets and bags. your rights They must conduct the search in a decent manner and with respect to the individual. They cannot insist on a more intimate search without your permission. Legally, they can only conduct strip- searches and search inside clothes with your permission in private with an independent witness. bouncers If a bouncer searches inside your clothes or performs a strip search without your permission they may be charged with assault.