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7 Countries You Don't Want to Get Caught With Drugs In

Drug laws vary from country to country, but these 7 countries are notorious for implementing harsh penalties on drug offenders, including death.

Devil's Breath: What Is It and Should We Be Afraid?

Devil's Breath may be a new topic of discussion in the media, but the drug has been around for years.

Eight Drug Smugglers Killed By Firing Squad in Indonesia

The April 29 execution of two Bali heroin smugglers who were arrested in 2005 has led an Australian foreign diplomat in protest of the executions.

Feds Push States To Provide Medical Treatment for Heroin Addicts

New funds being provided through SAMHSA will provide funds for programs in states which provide medication-assisted treatment protocols.

How Mexican Drug Cartels Impact Our War on Drugs

With the expansion of the Mexican drug cartels into legitimate and semi-legitimate business activities, they become much more difficult to root out.

Indiana Enacts Law Changes to Protect Drug Abusers from HIV Surge

A portion of Southern Indiana has been the site of a rapid rise in HIV cases.

New California Law for Overdose Victims

In the fight to save lives lost to drug overdoses, California has passed a law designed to lessen the impact of reporting an overdose by an individual.

New Technology Tests Breath for Illegal Drugs

Analyzing the breath of the person being tested happens with a process called liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Sentencing of Silk Road Website Creator

A regular marketplace for drug sellers and buyers, this website was made popular in June 2011 when an article was published about it in a trade magazine.

Vicodin Changes from Schedule 3 to Schedule 2: What This Means

Prescriptions could previously be issued for up to 180 days of medication under the Schedule III rating. Now they are limited to 30 days.