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10 Huge Drug Busts Worth Billions

The War on Drugs has been waged for quite sometime now, but there seems to be no end to the illicit drug trade in sight. Here are 10 of the biggest drug busts.

10 Inventive But Ultimately Failed Drug Smuggling Methods

As drug trafficking laws in many countries get tougher than ever, drug dealers are finding more and more creative ways of smuggling their illicit merchandise.

Devil's Breath: What Is It and Should We Be Afraid?

Devil's Breath may be a new topic of discussion in the media, but the drug has been around for years.

Feds Push States To Provide Medical Treatment for Heroin Addicts

New funds being provided through SAMHSA will provide funds for programs in states which provide medication-assisted treatment protocols.

The Toll of Drug Use on 200 Million People Worldwide

Widespread complications in the population include heart disease, lung and breathing problems, kidney and liver disorders and mental illness.

Tide Detergents Stolen in Exchange for Drugs

Thieves reported that a single bottle could be exchanged for $5.00 in cash or $10.00 in weed or crack cocaine.