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Your Rights in Clubs

Clubs have the right to search anyone entering their premises, and must provide searchers of both sexes. They can refuse entry to anyone who refuses a search and can only insist on searching outside clothes, pockets and bags. your rights They must conduct the search in a decent manner and with respect to the individual. They cannot insist on a more intimate search without your permission. Legally, they can only conduct strip- searches and search inside clothes with your permission in private with an independent witness. bouncers If a bouncer searches inside your clothes or performs a strip search without your permission they may be charged with assault.

Your Rights With Police

You can be stopped and searched if the police have a reasonable suspicion that you are in possession of controlled drugs. Police can stop and question people whenever they wish. They are supposed to ask questions in order to decide whether or not grounds for a search exist. If you are stopped, ask why and, at the end, ask for a record of the search. If you give a satisfactory explanation for "suspicious" behavior that should, according to police codes of practice, make a search unnecessary. your rights on arrest you have the right: