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10 Huge Drug Busts Worth Billions

The War on Drugs has been waged for quite sometime now, but there seems to be no end to the illicit drug trade in sight. Here are 10 of the biggest drug busts.

Addiction and Teen Celebrities

It may be our first instinct to sneer in disgust at young celebrities' antics or ridiculous behavior, but we should remember that they're not matured adults.

Addictive Properties of Drugs

If you're wanting to understand the dangers of dependence with specific drugs, the following chart can be highly informative.

Addictive Properties of Drugs, Part 2

We look at the online book called "Drug War Facts," which indicate a different type of rating system for several drugs of common use or abuse.

Co-occuring Disorders and Substance Abuse Across the U.S.

We need to train and educate those who would help addicts in order to save all the millions of dollars spent on prisons in this country.

Devil's Breath: What Is It and Should We Be Afraid?

Devil's Breath may be a new topic of discussion in the media, but the drug has been around for years.

Drugs and Eating Disorders: What's the Connection?

Eating disorders are psychological conditions where the person develops an unhealthy relationship to food. Sometimes, an eating disorder is linked to drug use.

Illicit Substances Used by Athletes to Enhance Performance

Here are some of the most commonly used performance enhancing drugs, and the risks associated with their use.

New Drug to Erase Drug-Associated Memories

Clinical tests on animals show that a single injection of the drug Blebbistatin has promising results in erasing the brain's memories of drug use and response.

The 6 Most Addictive Substances on Earth

Half of the substances on this list of addictive substances are legal. Read on to find out which one is the most addictive of them all.