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Ecstasy Effects

The immediate effect of ecstasy is a feeling of euphoria. Users get a sense of well-being, invincibility and connection to others with ecstasy. Along with increased stamina, energy and alertness that are effects of most stimulant drugs, ecstasy is best known and used because of the connectivity and general sense of happiness users attribute to this drug.

Ecstasy Protection

We recommend that you do not use Ecstasy. Visit our Ecstasy effects page to learn why. But if you are in the company of individuals using Ecstasy or plan to use yourself, be at least aware of these safety precautions so that your risk of becoming a statistic is lessened. Again, the best choice is not using and avoidance of those who do. use sparingly only take it occasionally, with lengthy gaps (two or three months at least) watch the dosage Never take more than two, less if you have a small build. The more MDMA you take, the more likely you are to suffer from neurotoxic effects and memory impairment.