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Heroin Use Still on the Rise

The recent death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman due to an apparent heroin overdose, brings this serious and deadly drug addiction freshly into the public eye.

Indiana Enacts Law Changes to Protect Drug Abusers from HIV Surge

A portion of Southern Indiana has been the site of a rapid rise in HIV cases.

Methamphetamine Mixing

Mixed with other drugs, the dangerous side effects of methamphetamine can become incrementally more dangerous, and sometimes lethal, without warning. It is very important that those who are using/abusing methamphetamine understand the sometimes synergistic effects of meth when introducing other medications and/or street drugs. Anti-psychotics – When combined with anti-psychotics, methamphetamine renders them ineffectual. They become substantially ineffective, to the point of seizure activity and return of psychosis.


Because nearly everyone drinks, at least socially, there is a greater danger of mixing alcohol with other substances without meaning to do so. For those who are on prescription medications, it is vital to read the directions that come with your medications. Most medications are dangerous when mixed with alcohol.

Myanmar's Heroin War Is Lost--Can America Be Next?

The United Nations Office on Drug and Crime has tried cracking down on Myanmar but we may be far from seeing the end of heroin exports from the country.

Naloxone Can Treat Cocaine and Heroin Addiction

Researchers have discovered one drug, Naloxone, which has shown promise for heroin addicts.

Questions March 19th 2001

Why do heroin addicts use lemons? The brown heroin commonly seen in the UK doesn't dissolve very easily and is therefore difficult to inject intravenously. Users have to use acids, usually citric acid from lemons, to do so. Marijuana & Ecstasy - how long after use will these drugs show in a blood test? Blood tests are highly accurate but expensive, so most drug tests use urine or hair. THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, is detectable in the urine for up to two days for one-time users to 6 weeks for chronic users. MDMA or Ecstasy, on the other hand, can be detected or up to 72 hours. You can find a very detailed cannabis drug test FAQ here

The Rise of U.S. Inmates Overdosing on Heroin

As contraban heroin continues to get smuggled into U.S. jail cells, the prison system is not prepared to tackle the problem.