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Ketamine Effects

At low doses, Ketamine is a mild, if weird stimulant. It is in the same class of drugs as PCP (Angel Dust), DXM and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). At medium to high doses, it becomes a very powerful paralyzing psychedelic. Its effects are like a combination of cocaine, cannabis, opium, nitrous oxide, and alcohol.

Ketamine Experiments

out of your mind It did take too long before people began to notice Ketamine's unusual side effects. A significant number of patients treated with the anesthetic began to report vivid out-of-body experiences. There were tales of fantastical interactions with divine forces and full-on psychedelic weirdness. These powerful, dream-like insights occurred as patients were regaining consciousness and were consequently termed 'emergent states'. Doctors began adding a tranquilizer to Ketamine injections to block out the effect, but less scrupulous doctors, dentists, vets and academics were leading the way in experimenting with Ketamine at sub-knockout doses.

Ketamine Links

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