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5 Unexpected Perks of Sobriety

When the temptation to pick up a drink comes, think of all the ways sobriety makes your life better.

5 Ways to Navigate this Election Season While Being Sober

Negative news regarding political candidates can get intense. People who are new to recovery can benefit from steering clear of stressful political discussions.

All About Mate

Yerba mate is full of health benefits, but some research suggest that people who consume it excessively might have an increased risk for specific issues.

How Recovery Has Helped Tim McGraw in His Music Career

Superstar Tim McGraw opens up to Men's Health magazine about his previous party days and his new view on life in sobriety.

How to Establish Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Setting boundaries can be difficult work, but can lead to more supportive relationships and a more fulfilling life.

How to Find a Good Time in Recovery

Recovery can be looked at as an adventure, one they seldom were present enough to participate in previously.

Kombucha: An Alcoholic Beverage

Whole Foods pulled kombucha out of store shelves in 2010 due to the drink continuing to ferment in-store, with some reaching up to 3 percent alcohol content.

Maintaining Sanity When Your Job Is Crazy

Workers who intentionally combat the negative emotions due to a stressful job can find they are not just productive, but also growing.

Preventing Relapses by Embracing Prolapses

A prolapse occurs when one is able to identify the triggers contributing to the relapse, increase outside support and create a viable plan to move forward.

Sobriety from Serenity, Not Salary

One writer shares a thought-provoking life experiences and decisions regarding finding lasting peace in recovery.