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Breathalyzer Test for Marijuana Soon Available

The marijuana breathalyzer will follow the same concept as the traditional alcohol breathalyzer test by detecting the substance in exhaled breath at the scene.

How the Legalization of Marijuana Affects Colorado Locals

Making pot legal has a number of ramifications for Colorado residents, particularly in the population's perception of recreational drug use.

Marijuana for Recreational Use: What Are the Legalities?

Given the chasm between marijuana's legality in certain states, its medicinal use and decriminalization can certainly be confusing.

Marijuana Initiatives in California

Initiatives in California have proposed legal changes to the state's marijuana laws. These changes aim to regulate marijuana laws and reduce penalties.

Op-Ed: Why Marijuana Should Be Legal

By making marijuana legal, and controlling it in a manner similar to how we control alcohol and cigarettes, we present a more consistent message to our youth.

The Impact of Marijuana in the Workplace: A Guide for Employers

As more cities and states decriminalize and legalize marijuana, employers require parameters and guidance with their employees in a number of areas.