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Methamphetamine Drug Tests

Methamphetamine is absorbed by the body quickly, whether administered orally, inhaled, or injected. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and is rapidly distributed throughout the body. While it mimics other stimulant drugs, it is more soluble than others, making its effects more pronounced and impactful. It metabolizes into the blood at peak rates after three to six hours and is fully metabolized by the liver after 10-24 hours.

Methamphetamine Effects

The immediate effect of using methamphetamine by being snorted is a sensation of euphoria. The fast-acting effects produced when injected or smoked is an extreme pleasure sensation called a “rush” or “flash,” which lasts only a few minutes, but is highly pleasurable. This is created when intense levels of dopamine are released into the brain suddenly.

Struggling with Crystal Meth

The spotlight on crystal meth continues to shine, as the volatile substance continues to negatively effect the lives of many, including celebrities.