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Adolescents and Teenagers: Pot Use and the Developing Brain

There is great debate among health professionals about the negative effects of marijuana use among youth, including whether or not those effects are permanent.

Celebrity Potheads

Celebrity Potheads

How the Legalization of Marijuana Affects Colorado Locals

Making pot legal has a number of ramifications for Colorado residents, particularly in the population's perception of recreational drug use.

Marijuana Vape Pen: What You Should Know

While vape pens might offer some benefits to prescription marijuana users, they also present new risks.


Because nearly everyone drinks, at least socially, there is a greater danger of mixing alcohol with other substances without meaning to do so. For those who are on prescription medications, it is vital to read the directions that come with your medications. Most medications are dangerous when mixed with alcohol.

People Smoke More Cigarettes If They Also Smoke Pot

A recent study sought to calculate if smoking marijuana and tobacco concurrently would lead to more frequent usage as opposed to merely smoking one substance.