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Mushrooms Drug Tests

Magic mushrooms are quite similar in tone and effect to LSD. Users typically ingest these naturally-occurring fungi by eating it raw or dried, or turning it into a tea and drinking it. As these mushrooms contain varying amounts of the mind-altering substances psilocybin and psilocin, powerful psychedelic trips are a typical effect.

Questions April 17th 2001

I took a load of mushrooms (7 grams) recently and had the baddest trip ever. While I was alone I thought of things like God and death. Is this normal? 7 grams is a huge dose. Mushrooms are pretty powerful psychedelic substances and, like LSD, they can dissolve the filter or 'ego' between you and the outside world, leaving you open to a flood of new feelings, sensations and thoughts - both positive and negative. It's not unusual to have insights about yourself, the universe, God, and death in this state. Psilocybin (the active ingredient in mushrooms) was used by psychologists in the 1960s to induce a mystical religious experiences and help people over ruts in their lives.